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Mischief & Mindfulness

Updated: 2 days ago

A colorful way of sensing the world

I really don't like the word "mindfulness". It originally meant simply paying attention and noticing without judging (which I like), however it has somehow morphed into something more pious and virtuous. I picture of someone sitting perfectly upright in a well-behaved, well-coiffed peaceful state of stillness... a little too perfect for me.

On the other hand, I am cranky, messy, and distracted, but I do pay attention to things most people never pay attention to. I'm not sure why, except that my mind loves to cut, color, and paste words together in a new and different way... a way that seems to "fit" my experience of it. I especially love made-up words and phrases - and words that might not go together, like mischief and mindfulness because that's a better description of how my quirky, misbehaving works than anything else I could think of.

So, I hope you enjoy these musings. This is meant to be a coffee blog - short pieces to read while you're drinking coffee, sipping an iced tea, or waiting for someone... short pieces to amuse you and maybe even awaken your senses to their own signature form of "noticing without judgment".

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