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Sacred writing space

My sacred writing space is in my cozy bed at 5:30 am. I have a half cup of the world’s best coffee by my side…a cup that makes me groan out loud, “Ohhh, where have you been, my roasty-fire companion???” My spirit medicine. It lights the pilot and the flame at once.

Here we are. I am propped up with pillows, wrapped in blankets and a bathrobe. I have a scrumptious layer of memory foam on my mattress that is as rich as the cream in my cup.

And best of all, I have my soul dog Trinnie at the end of the bed. We wake up together, wag our tails together and head downstairs. She leads the way back upstairs. The Alpha back-to-bed dog showing me how to live.

That’s what dogs do, you know:

They show us how to live.

And then.., And then comes the pen. The wild-eyed morning pen that writes whatever it wants and has a life of its own. Sometimes it’s dribbling, sometimes It’s a day- list of tasks, Sometimes mismatched, random nothing, and sometimes a spark of vibrance.

Sometimes I’m Wonder Woman slaying the villain with my magic phrase. Sometimes I’m flying through the air on a good metaphor or favorite word… or it’s a rhyme. Sometimes my words find rhythm, or cadence, or an idea that jazzes right to the edges of my skin. Sometimes I have scaled tall buildings before I even get out of bed. This is me, out loud, on paper.

I sip again… a drop of heaven.

Things call me: mail, bills, breakfast, chickens, phone calls, health insurance. But it is all an annoying distraction from my zone of genius hatched only in the cozy, cocooned, crazy, comfort of my bed. My dog, my bed head, and bathrobe come together as one big sparky writing mess.

As I write this, I wonder why I do anything else.

My dog has been wondering this for a long time.

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