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Connie Lawrence, LISW-S, PAT

Experiential Therapist & Somatic Guide

Hello ~



And welcome.

If you're here for healing and transformation,

you're in the right place.  

If you need relief from wounds, traumas, and daily stress - 

whether from current circumstances, or lifelong suffering -

you are welcome here.  

My approach is a little different ...

I combine therapy, trauma treatment, and somatic approaches that help us work in two ways:

We can heal the trauma or stuck places


tap into the aliveness and intelligence of the body.  

When the wisdom of the body becomes our guide, you can begin to move toward the life of your dreams with more confidence and freedom.

I would be honored to take the journey with you.

If you'd like to learn more, feel free to schedule a chat.    

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Wisdom of the body


When it comes to lasting transformation, all roads lead to the body.


Science is now tells us trauma gets "stuck" or trapped in the body -  causing us to do the same things over and over... especially under pressure. And because the trauma responses are embodied, the healing must also be embodied... so the dots connect. 

And then what? 

There is more to life than just releasing trauma.  


The body is the home of aliveness, intuition, passion, 

deep ways of knowing.  

Sense of purpose. 

Close connections. 

When we connect with the life of the body, we open doors to  more streams of intelligence that can guide us toward

the life waiting for us.  

We live in a more grounded, confident way.  

 (Hear what clients say). 


That is what drew me to Strozzi Institute's transformation programs. It's the only somatic system that releases the trauma while building new skills connected to what you care about. 

In other words, you begin to embody what you value. 


even under the pressures of everyday of life.


That's why I am excited to share this system with you!


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