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My Approach

I work a little differently...  

The center of our work begins with the question: 

What do you long for? 

The wisdom of the body becomes our guide.


As the body relaxes and releases the trauma, it opens new space for freedom, compassion, and inner knowing... All things that naturally move you toward a better life.


The "secret sauce" is to incorporate daily practices (we do together) that help you embody what you care about and increase your capacity for sustained transformation.

Both experiential therapies and somatic coaching gently unwind trauma,  restore vitality, and open new possibilities.  

And then what?

What if there is more beyond healing?

Somatic coaching allows you to move beyond healing into what matters in your heart and soul...

More alignment with what you care about.

More capacity for choice in difficult situations.

Deeper connections.

More aliveness and confidence.

Want to hear what others have to say?  (here)

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