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Experiential Therapy
& Psychodrama

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Experiential therapy is about doing rather than talking, opening new pathways to healing and change. 


Experiential  therapies are powerful because they bring the body and brain into alignment in new ways. When our bodies tell the story, there's a deeper truth.  Art therapy, psychodrama, family sculpture, equine and music therapies are examples of experiential therapies that create a deep shift that is different from traditional cognitive styles.    

Psychodrama is a powerful system of resolving conflicts or trauma through dramatic action.  Psychodrama and experiential methods are used in state-of-the-art treatment and growth centers like on-site workshops, Sierra Tucson, Betty Ford, Breathe, and others because of their transformative ability.  Research shows the benefits of experiential therapies are longer-lasting that talk therapies alone.  

Connie is the founder of Cleveland Psychodrama Institute (website currently under construction) and offers training to folks who want to learn the method.  Sign up below for future events.  

For information on upcoming Psychodrama Trainings and
future events:

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