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What is somatic coaching?

Together we discover the life of the body.

We connect to your body's natural intelligence, aliveness, and sense of purpose. We will also discover the ways you have had to clench, numb, or dampen your vibrance in order to survive and how those deeply held patterns can keep you stuck... unable to move toward your heart's desire.  

 The Strozzi Somatic coaching method has three dimensions (see below) that work together to make the transformation more durable, meaningful and long-lasting. 

Somatic Awareness

Somatic awareness helps you connect with sensations, moods, and life that streams through you. As you begin to speak the body's language, more intuition, possibility, and wisdom become yours.  

Somatic Opening

Somatic opening is when the deeply-held pattern loosens its grip on your system, allowing more space for aliveness, wisdom, freedom, and possibility. 

Somatic Practices

Daily practices are the "secret sauce" to making change more durable and long-lasting. You begin to move more skillfully toward what matters.  

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